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EleksMaker EleksTube IPS Lite

EleksMaker EleksTube IPS Lite

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Entry-Level Original Design IPS Digital Nixie Tube Clock: EleksTube IPS LITE

We recently launched an IPS digital clock that fits into tight desk spaces. The material and volume are more suitable for friends who like small clocks. And it can be stacked together with 6-Port USB Blocking Switch.

  • PCB Immersion Gold Process
  • Adjustable RGB atmosphere lights
  • Metal matte case
  • New additions to the Vintage Series
  • Support Wi-Fi NTP time synchronization
  • Support PC client to upload custom dial

The product is making final preparations for the market and is now available for pre-order.


1. When connecting to WiFi, as long as the clock automatically restarts, it means that the WiFi connection is successful. There is no need to wait for the feedback from the applet, and there is no need to care about any prompts from the applet (including but not limited to connection timeout, connection failure, wrong password, etc.).

2. The connection to WiFi is only used for the clock to calibrate the time automatically. It has no other function. It can still be used commonly if it is not connected to WiFi. There is a button battery inside the clock, which can save time. Even if the power is turned off, it will not affect the time, so that you can use it confidently.

3. There are five built-in clock styles, of which the first to fourth sets cannot be modified or replaced. Only the fifth set of DIYs is replaceable.

4. It does not need to be connected to a computer for regular use and can be used with a USB power supply. The buttons on the body can adjust the time, style, background light, and other settings. A computer is only needed for changing styles and customizing pictures.

5. The [D] key is only for hibernation, not shut down.


Q: Why is the screen not bright?
A: Try plugging in the power supply again.
A: Plug the clock directly into the USB port of the computer case, or try replacing the power plug.

Q: The driver cannot be installed
A: The path between the foreign language and traditional systems will be garbled. Change the Chinese involved in the file name and path to English.

Q: Time resets to zero or stops after power off
A: The button battery is dead, disassemble the machine and replace it with a CR1220 button battery.

Q: The screen has a color difference
A: Screen chromatic aberration is a normal phenomenon. The nature of the IPS screen determines this. Due to the viewing angle, different screens will have chromatic aberration. Viewing from different angles, the color is different, and screen quality is not a problem.

PC client (download)



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