Setup EleksTube IPS Clock in a few easy steps

Before starting:

First of all, thank you for choosing the EleksTube IPS clock produced by EleksMaker. No matter where you purchase it, when performing the following configuration, please make sure that the product is purchased through our official certified channels to avoid updating the firmware to the device, causing black screen and other failures.

As of April 2024, the EleksTube IPS series clock hardware on sale are all Gen2 versions, and the latest firmware version is Ver3.10. If your firmware version is ver2.10, you can visit the link below to download the firmware update.
EleksTube IPS Gen2&Pro/PR1/PR2 Firmware Release Notes [Ver 3.10]

A few things to check - before starting:

When installing the clock screen, be careful not to press the FPC cable on the back of the screen too hard.
  1. Follow the instructions to properly install the screen onto the clock base. When installing, pay attention to the front of the screen facing the buttons.
  2. When installing the clock screen, be careful not to press the FPC cable on the back of the screen too hard.

1. Download the EleksTube IPS PC client program

Download the PC client For EleksTube IPS Clock

If you are on Mac OSX, please do not download. We currently only provide PC client programs, and Mac platform clients are under development.

*By the way, the menu of the clock itself can also configure basic functions. The main function of the computer program is to upload custom pictures and configure the clock Wi-Fi.

2. Plug the clock into the computer and start the client

At this time, if your driver is correct and the connection is correct, the connection status icon in the lower left corner of the client will appear green.
Next you can continue to explore the various features and configurations.

If the connection status icon does not turn green, please confirm:
1. Use the USB cable that came with the device to connect the clock to your computer’s native USB-A port;
2. Disconnect the clock from the computer, click the first icon on the left in the upper right corner of the client program, reinstall the CH340 driver and start the client again and connect the clock.
3. If the PC client cannot be started normally, please place the program directory in the root directory of the system and run it again, such as C:/.

3. Configure Wi-Fi time auto-sync and correct time zone for clock

Enter your Wi-Fi hotspot name and password and select the correct time zone for your region. Click to save the configuration to automatically synchronize to the clock.

There are following things to note
1. Only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi hotspots;
2. Public Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspots that require web authentication are not supported.
3. If you need to configure DST daylight saving time, please adjust it through the time zone option. (We will provide automatic configuration functionality in the next firmware update.)

4. Check the status of the clock

You can check the version number and Wi-Fi connection status of the clock on the Device INFO interface. If it is empty, it means the clock is not connected correctly.

4. Upload a custom image to the clock

Custom pictures support two modes: watch face and photo album, and you can set them separately for the clock.
1. Album mode supports uploading 6 custom pictures. 
2. Clock mode requires the submission of 10 alternative pictures corresponding to numbers 0-9.

4. Up to 30+ built-in dial styles for you to choose from

Tip: You can select up to 4 sets of built-in dials at a time

Clock menu mode (without connecting to computer or Wi-Fi)

  • Long press the button on the far right side of the clock to enter the menu.
  • Selectable built-in clock face style.
  • Turn on and off the NTP network time synchronization function (Wi-Fi needs to be configured in advance through the PC client).
  • Time display mode 24/12.
  • Time zone settings.
  • RGB backlight switch.

The above is an introduction to clock usage under Ver3.10 firmware. If you have any questions, you can contact us for support at any time.

At the same time, we are also developing new firmware and releasing it to the official website after completing testing. If you would like to be notified as soon as possible, please subscribe to our email notifications.