Setup EleksWFD in a few easy steps

1. Download the Touch Fish PC client program

EleksWFD Tools Download Ver3.1

If you are on Mac OSX, please do not download. 

2. Windows system setup tutorial

Please begin the following steps after connecting the EleksWFD to your computer's USB port using the data cable provided with the device.:

  1. Run EleksWFD.exe as administrator.
  2. Click the Install Device Driver button in the EleksWFD Tools client.
  3. Choose the correct device port.

Associate AIDA64 software in order to display system status information in EleksWFD:

  1. First, make sure the EleksWFD Tools PC client program is running.
  2. Install and start the AIDA64 software and enter the settings menu.
  3. Enter the external program in the settings list and check all items in the system directory.

Note: Displaying system information such as CPU requires running the AIDA64 software. Please install and use it yourself. This page does not provide downloads.


Q: How do I display system information such as CPU usage?

A: To enable the display of system information, you will need to use the "AIDA64" software. It is essential to keep this software running in the background to continuously display accurate information.

Q: I clicked to install the device driver but nothing happened.

A: Close the software, right-click and select "Run as Administrator," then restart the software.

Q: There are no ports in the software's dropdown list.

A: Check if the driver has been installed successfully.

A: Use the data cable that came with the device to reconnect to the computer and try again.

A: Try connecting to a different USB port, such as a USB 2.0 port or a USB port on the back of the computer case.

Q: The CPU/GPU/memory usage displayed is inaccurate.

A: Ensure that both the "WFD software" and "AIDA64" software are running or in the background to display accurate usage rates in real-time.

Q: The GPU usage rate is not displayed.

A: Check if the GPU is being read correctly in the "AIDA64" software. If the "AIDA64" software does not retrieve the GPU usage rate, it will not be displayed in the WFD software.

Note: Please do not use EleksWFD Tools to upgrade the firmware of the EleksTube IPS clock, as this will cause the clock to have a black screen and become unusable.