Setup Touch Fish Keyboard TF-05 in a few easy steps

touching fish” (mō yú), a Chinese phrase synonymous. Although you may not be a "mess around" person, using such a convenient keyboard can indeed increase the efficiency of many "things".

So, let's see how to use it

1. Download the Touch Fish PC client program

Touch Fish PC client (Download)

If you are on Mac OSX, please do not download. You can refer to the following instructions on how to use it on the Mac OSX platform.

2. Windows system setup tutorial

Setup KEY steps:

  1. First load the config.
  2. Confirm that the keyboard status in the lower left corner of the interface shows that the connection has been successful.
  3. In the position of the custom keys (TF-05 has five custom keys), select the shortcut key to be set. If it is a key combination, click: "..." to select the setting.
  4. Click the Write Config button to write the custom configuration to the keyboard.

For example, if you want to set the shortcut key "@", you need to click the custom keyboard "..." to be configured, select "Shift" in the key combination, and enter "2" in the function key text box. After completing writing config, this custom key can replace your input of Shift+2 and type "@" directly.

Setup Color steps:

  1. First click "Load Config"
  2. Confirm that the device connection is successful in the lower left corner.
  3. Choose the colors you want for the four keys.
  4. Click "Write Config" to save the configuration to the keyboard.

2. Mac OSX system setup tutorial

If you are on Mac OSX, please click "Settings"-"Keyboard"-"Keyboard Shortcuts..."-"Modifier Keys"

Setup KEY steps:

  1. Select keyboard Select: "EleksMaker TouchFish".
  2. Control(^)key select: "⌘Command".
  3. Click Done to save config.

Note: Due to the functional limitations of the Mac OSX platform, we cannot provide a client program for modifying keyboard customization functions. If you want to change the default keyboard function configuration, please use Windows to complete the keyboard custom configuration and save it, and then connect to the Mac system for use.


Q: How to use the Touch Fish Keyboard
A: Just connect the data cable to the computer. USB-A - USB-C or USB-C - USB-C cable can be used. The default key on the keyboard is [Copy] (called [Copy] in Mac system) [Paste] [ Volume/Mute] [Previous song] [Next song] [Boss key] (from left to right, from top to bottom). 

Q: The boss key does not respond in Mac system
A: The boss key is Win+D. In Windows, it displays the desktop. Mac system does not have the function of displaying the desktop, so pressing it directly has no response. Win+D in Mac is Command+D, which is the copy function, as shown in the figure below. :

Q: How to customize keyboard functions on Mac system
A: You can connect the keyboard to a computer with Windows 10 and above operating systems, set the corresponding keys, and then plug it into a Mac for use.

Q: How to set the keys of Mac system on Windows
A: In Windows system, the corresponding keys on Mac system are:
Control — Control
Alt — Option

Q: Can I replace the keyboard switches myself?
A: It supports shaft replacement and hot swapping. You can use a shaft puller to directly pull out the shaft and replace it.

Q: When using Touch Fish Keyboard, do I need to keep the software open?
A: You do not need to open the software when using it. You only need to open the software settings when customizing the keys. After the settings are completed, you can close the software and it will not affect the normal use of the keyboard.

Q: After setting the keys, can they still be used when plugged into another computer?
A: It can be used. After the software is set up, the settings are saved in the keyboard. It can be used normally when plugged into other computers. There is no need to worry at all.

Q: What should I do if the software cannot run or an error is reported?
A: Try right-clicking [Run as administrator].
A: Plug the small keyboard into the [USB2.0 interface] of the chassis and try again.
A: The operating system is Windows 7 and earlier versions. This software is not supported. Please upgrade the operating system to Windows 10.