A Time Machine on Your Desk!

Besides the performance and intuitive design, the Elekstube IPS digital clock has a stylish retro design for reviving an epoch long gone. It stands as a bridge between modern and vintage, surprising with an open-circuit design, RGB colors, and an elegant aluminum alloy base.

  • Nixie Clock Simulation

    The Elekstube IPS nixie tube comes into an upgraded version, the perfect blend between innovative technology and vintage elements. It comes with 6 LCD screens covered by a delicate glass tube, that simulates the nixie tube clock display and glow that we all know.

  • Multiple Display Options

    This smart digital clock allows you to modify the clock images, so you can choose from more than 20 display options. The nixie tube features smart software that supports DIY creations, allowing the user to customize his or her display.

  • Smart Digital Clock

    Our upgraded digital desk clock not only displays the time and date but also pictures of your choice. Choose your favorite photos with friends and family, upload them via our software and you have a smart electronic photo album on your desk or nightstand.

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