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EleksMaker EleksTube IPS Nixie Tube Digital Clock

Elekstube IPS Nixie Tube – A Time Machine on Your Desk!

Our nixie tube is definitely a must-have for collectors or retro lovers, blending to perfection a vintage design with modern technology. This digital clock comes with LCD screens that simulate the nixie tube glow, and the best is yet to come! We adapted the classic clock design to modern days, allowing you to choose from more than 23 display options or even choose and customize your own clock image. Also, the clock can be used as an electronic photo album in which you can upload your favorite pictures and display them vividly on your desk or nightstand. Easy to use and stylish, this nixie tube clock has everything you need to add a touch of color and a retro vibe to your home.

Here are some amazing features of this product:

  • 6-bit nixie tube clock with LCD screen;
  • 20+ clock images options;
  • Delicate glass tube;
  • 12/24 hour time format;
  • Built-in battery-backed chip;
  • Aluminum alloy base;
  • Open circuit board;
  • Retro style;
  • Functions: time, calendar, electronic photo album;
  • USB Type C;


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