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cannot figure out how to get a manual in English

Looks like it might be a GREAT product COULD BE 5 stars. . . if I could hook it up .....Customer Support is difficult to communicate with

Elekstube IPS

Very simple setup, Though would like the possibility to modify the firmware or make custom software for it. The timezone function is flaky and not summer/winter time agnostic. I know there is a github repo for tweaking, but with out the possibility to be sure to get back to a working device, it is har to trust that repo.

Dust cover for EleksTube IPS & R & Pro

Ver update issue

There is a ver update issue I am trying to update the ver from 1.5 to 2.0 but failed please guide step by step

Dear Vikas Jain,

Thank you for your review and for bringing this to our attention. We're here to help!

If you're having trouble updating the version from 1.5 to 2.0, please try placing the update file on your desktop or in the root directory of your hard drive. This usually helps to resolve any issues with the update process.

Once the update file is in the correct location, try running the update again. If you continue to experience problems, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're more than happy to assist you in ensuring your EleksTube IPS Gen2 6-Bit Digital Clock is up-to-date.

Best regards,
EleksTube Support Team

Dust cover

Very nice, easy to put together and it looks great 👍


I picked this one as a balance of price, features, and size when searching the various online stores. So far I think this is Excellent. It is almost exactly what I want (any changes I would want are not listed as features in other units or need a huge price increase to get). I'm already planning on getting more as gifts.
The video attached was the first attempt at custom images (the battery in the video is just for size - it is a AA) - already planning on adding all of the family members for each number.

Wonderful clock. Only a few suggestions to improve

It's a wonderful clock, works well and it's beautiful to watch.
I've used it for a good amount of days and i can tell it would benefit from some little improvement.
First i suggest to make compatible with Alexa because i've putted it on a high place and for switching it off when i'm not home it's pretty difficult... I've avoided the problem with a smart plug but it's not the same thing...
The internet connectivity didn't work for me at all so it need improvement. Seems to not identify none of my witeless connection. I've tested with several wifi access, even with my neighbours but can't find a way to make it work. I've ranged between the old 3.5g, 4g and 5g connection... No one seems to work.
My model can't modify the rgb light without connecting to the pc... The previous version, as i see from your videos can... Definitely to improve.
For all the rest, work perfectly and make a wonderful accessory to watch all day! Can't take my eyes off it.
Thanks a lot

It works!

Pretty much thats it. It covers the dust, does the job, and the clock doenst looks bad with it

Beautiful gadget

It just arrived today so I can't really comment much about the product. So far it has worked perfectly, and looks better than expected.

Top Clock!

The best ips nixie clock that i can buy!!!
Very happy!
Thanks from Italy

Super product

I am amazed with this clock. Build quality is top notch and materials are superb. Shipping box was A+ quality and very stable. Even shipped with a warranty seal and said if broken dont accept parcel. And i got the "aquarium" as a free bonus gift :-) Only thing i would ever wish for was a bigger ROM in the unit so every standard font was stored internally, instead of being uploaded with the software.

Klein aber fein

Das Teil ist schon eine tolle Sache, viele Kreative Möglichkeiten. Einen Stern abzug gab es weil der Preis doch etwas heftig ist und es am Anfang kleine Startschwierigkeiten mit der Installation und dem Update gab.

EleksMaker EleksTube IPS 6-Bit Digital Clock

The only macro youll ever need

This is not just the most interesting macropad i have come across but also one of the best one i have come across, the support from the software is great and fantastic .

Very Nice Nixie Alternative

It’s certainly a talking point sitting on my desk. Everyone wants to know about it that sees it.

EleksTube IPS 6-Bit Digital Clock

I received it relatively quickly, around 2 weeks from China and I had time to install the app on my Windows partition of my MacBook before it arrived. It assembled quickly and connected to the app quickly too (had to find the correct icon to change to the English UI). Set the time zone and off and running. SUPER COOL!!! I love it. I hear you have to set the time zone when we ‘spring forward’, but not a super big deal to me. Might be a suggestion for a future FW update as well as to make the date font bigger when using the ‘professional’ time display mode…

Dust Cover

I find the dust cover very flimsy and the bands a bit unsightly

EleksMaker IPS Digital Clock

Bought as a Christmas Gift. Not in use.

Excellent gadget!

I was received it with plastic tubes, but after notifying the team, they sent glass ones immediately!

EleksMaker EleksTube IPS 6-Bit Digital Clock

Amazing clock

Very god clock. I feels like there are som bugs in the programing. Overall its a Nice clock! Will recomend it!

Satisfying material textures, especially the base. It would be more satisfying if glass caps are sticked to base with tiny magnet

EleksMaker EleksTube IPS Pro Limited Edition 6-Bit Digital Clock

Superb support and service

Love the clock, would buy again.

A few more small improvements and it will be perfect

This clock is excellent and the design is very successful !

It would be very interesting to add the following functions:
-Configuration via a small WEB interface
-It would be great if we could configure ourselves the IP address or the FQDN DNS name of the desired NTP server.
-Possibly a second NTP IP/DNS server if the first is not available.
-Have the choice between a fixed IP config or via DHCP
-Be able to configure the NTP synchronization frequency
-Living in a region where there is a time change between winter and summer, it would be nice to have the possibility of configuring this time change (daylight saving) -With the current configuration, this requires a time zone change every time the clock changes .