We have been following the discussions and progress on the Internet regarding the hacked IPS firmware.

We must point out that on the web page, he describes that at banggood can be purchased Elekstube IPS clock. This platform has not ordered goods from us for a long time and we cannot be sure where the source of the products they sell is, but what we can say for sure is that at the moment we have not given it authorization to make sales.

We have no objection to hobbyists using decompiling techniques to perfect their purchases.

However, the after-sales service will become limited for using unofficial firmware for upgrade operations.


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give me firmware


this clock uses the same clock chip as a nixie clock i have. is there any way in the firmware or clock to trim the crystal frequency ? mine looses a few seconds a month. my nixie clock has a crystal trim i can adjust and it is running perfect. maybe eliminate the rgb on-off and put something like that in that setting location ? really don’t need the rgb on -off since setting the brightness to zero does the same thing.

keith printy

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