EleksTube IPS Gen1 (Discontinued)

Your EleksTube IPS features a range of customizable clock faces. To learn more and download the IPS Upload Tool software, please refer to the 'Customize the clock face' section.

If you own an older Gen1 IPS clock and require the client software, please download it from the provided link.

EleksTube IPS Gen2


For first-time use, please change the interface language through the button located in the top right corner of the program window.
Note: The EleksTube product line has been upgraded to the Gen2 system, which comes in a sleek black box and features automatic time-setting via Wi-Fi. Please be advised that the Gen2 system clock will not be compatible with the old version of the IPS Upload Tool PC client. To download the latest EleksTube IPS PC client, please follow the instructions on the official website.


Download: EleksTube IPS_NTP_NEW(20240122) *Gen2 Systems