Instructions on EleksTube Clock for Gen2 Systems

First of all, thank you for choosing EleksTube IPS digital clock. The clocks currently on sale are all Gen2 products of the latest version, and the latest firmware version is Ver2.10. If you bought it in after July 2022, it is Gen2.

If your firmware version is Ver1.5 through the client showing, we recommend you to upgrade to Ver2.10, because it adds a local menu (press and hold the button on the far right to enter) and fixes some bugs. [Ver2.10 Note]

There are two ways to configure the time for the clock:

1. Use the data cable that comes with the device to connect the clock to the original USB-A port of the computer (please avoid using Type-C USB Hub), then start the EleksTube.exe client, there is an icon in the upper right corner of the client to switch to English interface. Configure Wi-Fi and time zone on the Network SET interface and save, the clock will automatically obtain the time through the network. [PDF]

2. If you do not have a suitable computer for client configuration, and the firmware version of the IPS clock is Ver2.10, you can enter the clock setting menu by long pressing the button on the far right of the clock, in which you can set the clock date and time.

QA section

Q: How can I tell if my clock is Gen1 or Gen2?
A: The packaging box of the Gen1 clock is white. The box for the Gen2 clock is black with gold lettering. When the Gen2 IPS clock is powered on, there will be a green animation of The Matrix. If you have the latest Ver2.10 firmware, you can enter the clock menu by long pressing the rightmost button. This is what Gen1 does not have.

Q: What should I do if I only have a Mac computer and no PC running Windows?
A: Unfortunately, we do not currently have a client for Mac. You might consider using a friend's computer to configure Wi-Fi for your clock before putting it into use within Wi-Fi coverage. Or use the clock's menu to set the time manually.

Q: I am Gen2, but the firmware version is Ver1.50, how can I upgrade?
A: The upgrade is very simple, if you are a Gen2 product, you can get the upgrade guide and firmware through this article. EleksTube IPS&Pro Gen2 Firmware Release Notes [Ver 2.10] 

Q: Where can I download the client?
A: Here you are! [download]


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